Killick Leadership Group Ltd.

Growing Communities, One Leader at a Time.

What we believe... 

Leadership is the cornerstone of resilience and prosperity. Whether in communities, organizations or individuals, leadership transforms futures. Talk to us about how we can support your growth.

What we offer...

If you are looking for a way forward with your personal and professional life, let's talk about what solution focussed coaching is all about. Whoever your "best you" is, discover your brilliance.

Killick Leadership Group, lead by Cathy Goulet, 
brings 30 years of experience supporting communities and their leaders to success.

As experienced community economic developers, we are pleased to offer strategic planning, group facilitation, community engagement consulting and leadership development and coaching services.

Cathy's photo is by Debra Hunter, Hunter Photographics at
Banner Photographs taken in various locations in Newfoundland by Killick's in-house photographer Robert J. Goulet.