Killick Leadership Group

About Us

Cathy Goulet B.Comm., M.A. has 30 years of community economic development knowledge and experience. Her areas of interest include professional coaching, designing and facilitating strategic planning processes, and supporting community groups as they grow. Cathy’s planning and engagement expertise comes from experience leading and managing local, regional and provincial, business and economic development organizations since 1983. As a seasoned professional Cathy Goulet is able to build buy-in for community initiatives and provide practical advice for implementation strategies. Cathy’s experience is supported by her Masters work focussed on Work, Leadership and Organization with emphasis on the role of leadership on economic resilience in rural communities. She has also completed many leadership and economic development courses. Cathy is a Board Member of the Northern Alberta Business Incubator (NABI), a member of the Alberta Centre for Rural Sustainability advisory Committee  and a member of the Economic Developers Association of Alberta and the International Coach Federation.

So... Why "Killick" Leadership?

A killick is a home made anchor built from the things fishermen in outport Newfoundland had easy access to... wood, rocks and rope.  By looking at what was available in a different way, by being creative and innovative, they built a solution.

We knew that we wanted to work with leaders and communities who shared our wonder and optimism about the amazing power of leadership. With creativity and persistence, solutions emerge from leaders and from communities. So the killick, an everyday, creative bit of work, beautiful in its form and simplicity, fit us nicely.

This picture of a killick was taken at the Ryan Premises in Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador.