What you do today
makes all the difference tomorrow

Cathy Goulet Killick Leadership Group

Cathy Goulet


Killick is about you and your growth. We work with you to gain clarity, direction and serious “let’s get this done”. Planning is important and implementation is everything. We have the wisdom, experience, and know-how to get you from “think” to “do”.

Are you called to leadership in your rural, Indigenous or social-profit community? Do you feel like you are stuck or just not “getting there”? Here is what we know: when others say resources are limited… you live that. You have big ideas; you live and breathe your mission. We have been there… we are there. This is our world and we get it.

Killick navigates to the solutions you need for the results you want. Lots of reports and plans get written. Lots of smart people use their energy and resources to create great looking documents – that don’t move them forward.

Will we give you a clean, clear, concise final report? You bet.
Will it make sense and make you say, “Hell yes”? Absolutely.
Will we support you to get the work done? Every time.

At Killick we work with you to plan, to implement, and when you need it, we help you reset your current approach. From realigning for success, to team and executive coaching to project management, Killick will get you through those choppy waters.