I quit my day job to found Killick Leadership in 2014. Just like that. (Maybe not “just like that”.) I was frustrated with the same-old-same-old approach…hire a consultant, write a report and…and…well you know. So, I decided to do that differently.

Killick Leadership Group came out of frustration. There had to be a better way to do the work of moving communities forward. A better answer to the “how”.  How to move forward with power and energy. How to Plan AND Do. Killick Leadership Group has been founded and designed to meet those needs for communities, organizations and team leaders. To be a trusted guide and navigator.

Cathy with Books Headshot Killick Leadership Group

So... Why "Killick" Leadership?

A killick is a home made anchor built from the things fishermen in outport Newfoundland had easy access to… wood, rocks and rope.  By looking at what was available in a different way, by being creative and innovative, they built a solution.

We knew that we wanted to work with leaders and communities who shared our wonder and optimism about the amazing power of leadership. With creativity and persistence, solutions emerge from leaders and from communities. So the killick, an everyday, creative bit of work, beautiful in its form and simplicity, fit us nicely.

This picture of a killick was taken at the Ryan Premises in Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador.