What We Do

Killick Leadership Group sees you. The whole thing. We know that it is never just one thing and we help you focus on the things that matter. Engagement is built on a coaching platform designed to give you immediate solutions. This builds a foundation so you can achieve more of what you want and implement what you need.


Planning for “Do” – If you say, “I am tired of planning, let’s DO SOMETHING.” Killick gets that. Every plan has Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) and a couple of shiny things. Because small successes create momentum and get you to the big impacts.


Getting implementation right – we stay with you. Waters get a little choppy sometimes. Our expert leadership coaches work with you to lead change and get stuff done.

The Reset

You need a wise set of eyes to take a hard look at your operation. Our team has the expertise to do that with you. From communications advice, human resource management, to policy and procedure review to governance design and coaching, our team excels at seeing the whole picture, connecting the dots and pulling it all together in a way that fits. Whether it’s a review and advice or a short-term management service contract, our approach is unique. Because we see you.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Our quick-start packages are designed for clients who need a quick win, a boost over the next obstacle, some extra capacity, or a refresh. Built to give you tools that make sense in your situation, these packages are a fresh take on affordability and results.

Document Review Assessment

Keeping it simple is what we are all about. We excel are cleaning up and clarifying business procedures and writing those so that your team will use them. First, we talk to the people doing the work. Then we focus on realistic steps that move your team and your results forward, measurably.


You want to look, sound, feel and BE a good communicator with lots of presence. You want to engage your audience because they are your community and they have a real stake in what you do. Sometimes web page updates, newsletters, Facebook…it all gets to be a side-of-the-desk, deadline-driven, panic-inducing problem. Even if, you have a big communications goals and limited time. We can help with that. Efficiently and affordably.

Two Day Reset

Not your usual flipchart, sticky note exercise, we will get quickly to the heart of what is stopping your launch. This is for organizations and people who have their values and strategy done. And just get stuck. On Day One we meet with your team leads and review documents… you will have pre-work to get the most out of the day. Day two…we pull the team together and develop the reset plan that will support your results. Meaningfully.