Mayor Jim Willett

The Executive Board at SouthGrow Regional Initiative realized that after three years we needed to revisit our strategic plan to adjust for several areas that had changed focus and importance. We knew we needed to engage our entire board, made up of elected officials from each of our 28 partner municipalities, and we were going to have to do it during a period of pandemic restrictions. From a shortlist of consultants, we chose Killick based on Cathy’s experience with the REDA system and the reputation of the organization. Cathy suggested breaking our board up into three groups with each meeting on successive evenings via Zoom, and that’s what we did. The results were amazing. With small groups Cathy was able to get everyone talking and involved and we made tremendous progress. The resulting input enabled Cathy and her group to draft a strategic plan that covers the new reality we find ourselves working with. Participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the sense of collaboration that was generated has made our organization stronger and given us a renewed sense of purpose. I would not hesitate to recommend the Killick Group for any group wanting guidance in forming or revising and updating a strategic plan.

Mayor Jim Willett Executive Chair, SouthGrow